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Computer essay future

Disclaimer: This paper has been submitted by a student. This is not a sample of the work written by professional academic writers.

computer essay future

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this work are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of StudySaurus. I am a firm believer that the world will be overtaken by machines in the future.

Maybe, we will be able to live the real-life Terminator scenarios. But, the overarching fact is that the world is true, being taken over by the machines and new technologies. Slowly, we have been more and more inclined to depend on technology than we used to. With a good fascination with computers, I was always aware of this as I always wanted to know more about how the technology worked. So, as a self-proclaimed technology enthusiast, I have been studying Computer Science at the college.

I was never sure what I was going to do after completing my degree and had to research about the job opportunities I would supposedly get after finishing my studies. After making a long list of job options, I was pretty sure that every one of them was as complicated as the job title they had. I will tell you, it was 2 years ago that I made the list, but now it is clear to me that it is as hard to complete the degree in the first place. So, I can imagine that the work I must put up with the jobs ranging from an IT manager to web designer will be hectic.

However, there are so many things you could do with the degree that I am still not sure what kind of job I will be doing 10 years from now. It is believed that technical skills will be high on demand in the near future. The ability to manage and discern a massive amount of data will be of high value. Software related jobs will grow by But it is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the rise of machines and technological advancement in the work field; it is evident that the rise of jobs relating to the servicing, repairing, programming, and other software and hardware related jobs will be on the rise.

It has been estimated that about 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by Therefore, I am convinced that with the background of Computer Science. I will be doing a boring job like programming software for an application or a machine for different companies.

But the most fun thing I could be doing 10 years from now would be developing games. Gaming is also one of the rising industry and programming games, for me, has a nice ring to it. To my dismay, being a game developer is harder than it sounds and as the gaming industry is still evolving; they are trying to make genres that are more appealing to the buyers which make the future it holds for game dev, ambiguous.

Being a programmer is hard, and you must be a quick learner to understand what has gotten into while studying Computer Science. This holds true even after you finish your studies, as the programming languages being used for applications and software are always being updated; and you never know when a better programming language pops up out of nowhere and you have to learn it from the scratch.

This is one of the never-ending battles a programmer must face. To my dismay, it is very possible that many new programming languages will rise up and I will have to learn the languages from the very start just to keep my job. This is a very evident scenario and it is possible that computer scientists will have to learn new languages throughout their lives just to keep their job.

With some astounding space exploration companies coming to surface, it is evident that computer science has offered many avenues in the field of space exploration too.

By applying robotics and software enterprise, computer engineers have been building robots, gadgets, and spaceships to help explore the space. In the near future, space exploration may turn out to be a norm and it is very possible that a surge of increase in demand for computer programmers will be created.Markle November 19, Career — Computer Programmer Overview of Career The computer programmer occupation is a relatively new career and in continuously high demand due to the rapid growth of technology, and while you may think of computers as these magical machines that can do almost anything, they were not always like that.

Back in the early s, there was. Computer Programmer People usually look for places to work when they become young adults, unless they already have planned to have a career that they really want to do.

Careers are long term jobs that people plan to do in the future. Careers can differ with each different career, like how some of them require employers to be indoors or outdoors. Computer programming is an indoor career that requires employers to stay in front of a computer for long hours at a time. Computer Programmer How has communications technology affected this career in the past? Communication technologies has affected computer programmers in the past because the first programmers were trying to create a program for calculations to more easily do math.

The first programmer was Ada King, moreover she wrote the first algorithm to be carried out by a computer from The first computer was not electric, but all mechanical. Since then computer programmers have been creating many. The purpose of a computer programmer is to design and develop applications to perform the needs of a consumer. This occupation is essential to modern day life due to all of the computers that are in use today.

Computer programming is a fulfilling career goal because of the ability to be on the cutting edge of technology, design software for computers, and have a wide range of benefits. Computer programming consists of many duties. Duties of a computer programmer include but are not limited to:. History and Origins: When computers started coming out, computer companies need people to program operating systems and programs for them.

Seeing that you sat at a desk all day, it was seen as a easy career choice, but with little pay. So computer programming as a career, was dominated by women in the 60s. Soon though, men dominated the field through discrimination and needs for a job. Although it is essential that computers are built from scratch, people are needed to transform these computers from complex machines that users need a college diploma to the user-friendly interfaces we see today.

In order to become and remain a computer programmer, a student could go to college and obtain a degree or self-teach himself. Computer programming is a difficult yet rewarding career. Programmers use different programming languages. If I received the Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship, then the scholarship would be able to open so many doors for me because I would be able to afford continuing my education. To begin with, as an aspiring computer programmer, technology.

One goal of mine while writing this paper is to show how interested I am about my future. Another goal I do have is to teach the reader more information about a specific career path.

Every individual has their own career plan, and possibly could be interested in the same career as me. In the CFNC. This major can be cleaved into many different career paths.

I've chosen this major because at a young age I would always be the one that is called on to fix material things such as phones, computers and laptops and other devices. During work experience in January of this year I learned how to back up and restore data into the computer system. The internet and the computer connects one place to another, Japan to Alaska, Canada to South America and so on. What is never thought of is the programs that go into the websites that are used on a regular basis, Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Without them there would be a complete disconnect between every continent, country, and city. No outside information would cycle. Becoming a computer programmer would be great because there are many options in this career by having the ability to produce an operating system, or a game for the world.When asked about future goals, people sometimes envision their future to be like a sprint in which the finish becomes the most important part of the sprint and their speed will determine their placement in Life.

By 2030, this is what computers will be able to do

I, however, tend to view the future to be like a jog through a busy park. In this, the journey becomes the most important part of the jog and the jogger gets to determine when to finish. In a jog, you can take in the atmosphere of where you are running; noticing all of the mystifying beauty…. Many think that those who deal with computers just sit and play games or sit and endlessly input data into a computer. However, this is not the case, there is a scientific part of computer science that gives individuals freedom to be creative and learn about new and exciting developments in the computerized world.

There are many career opportunities in computer science and if a person…. Looking into the future can be a daunting process. Trying to decide which major fits one best and what career he will enjoy may be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, over time people will have a deeper understanding for who they are and what they want to do with their life. Additionally, there are many resources out there willing to help people determine where to take their life.

These resources range in variety from people to online tests. Recently, I was given the opportunity to take an online….

computer essay future

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. My Goals And Future Goals Of A Computer Science When asked about future goals, people sometimes envision their future to be like a sprint in which the finish becomes the most important part of the sprint and their speed will determine their placement in Life.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 3. The Importance Of A Career In Computer Science what exactly computer science is or what the people who choose this as a career path actually do on a day to day basis. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 4. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started?The first support claim questions the value of the information the children are receiving from computers.

An example Stoll uses is a Computer-Using Educators conference when a speaker pointed out the amount of research a computer can generate. One teacher remarked that the printed pages were worthless in a classroom without a great deal of sorting and working. Audience members unfamiliar with computers would sympathize with this situation, although a technologically advanced group might be experienced enough to cut down on extra work.

Either way, it implies that more precise methods might work better. In a couple years, computers will be the educators and our future will be in the hands of a machine. The students of today are being molded by our educational system and computers; computers are allowing plagiarism to be the norm in homework assignments, are distracting our students from doing their work, and are hindering the chances of future social able adults. The first thing I looked at was how teachers were being affected by computers.

By doing attendance on computers it saves a lot of time and confusion for schools. No one has to go around and pick up attendance and it does not have to be recorded anymore.

A Career as a Computer Programmer Essay

The administration assumes this change will be efficient because the school will use less paper and will not have to move laptop carts around. Currently, teachers post homework on their webpage much more frequently than announcing it in class. This appears to be convenient because all the information is at the fingertips of anyone who needs it.

When computers have become more important, then it could become a problem.

CFA Program and Exam: Update on the Changes - Grace Yeung, CFA -

The technology will continue to advance and grow, and soon society will be completely dependent on it. Students would never run out of information for their reports in school, they can either go to the library and look for the information they need and hope that the book they need is not checked out, which could take up to a couple of hours. While on the internet you can find the information in the matter of minutes.

These benefits are skills that students would be able to grasp at a young age and master as they go on, given they are able to use technology in schools and further their …. For example, many high schools students do not even know how to make a simple presentation or find reliable sources for research. This is due to the fact that technology usage has not been a large interest in the education system and therefore students do not quite know how to work their way around certain technological programs.

These students will become adults in the work place eventually and many jobs these days surround themselves with technology based work ethic. People always tend to seek the easy way out looking for something that would make their lives easier. Machines and tools have given us the ability to do more in less time giving us, at the same time, more comfort. As the technology advances, computers become faster and more powerful. These new machines are enabling us to do more in less time making our lives easier.

In the modern society, computer technology becomes more popular in many companies.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Categories My Future.

computer essay future

Views Essay, Pages 3 words. It is hard to think about my own personal future when I have not experienced much of life. There are so many paths I could take. I can only hope that I make wise and carful decisions about my life. Every choice I make affects my future. I am confident that I have a bright future and I am on my way to a better life. I do not know what the future will bring but I know what my goals and ambitions are.

Hopefully everything I want to achieve will be in my future, but for now I will work hard to get closer to achieving those goals.

One goal I definitely see in my future is graduating from college. As of right now, I am not sure what I want to do with my education or what I would like to major in but I am confident that I will graduate from college with a degree.

I have made my education a top priority and fully intend on fulfilling my goal of graduating. In high school I was an average student. Throughout college I want to be a great student. Average is not longer an option. I see myself graduating college with honors and awards.

Verified writer. In the future, a job that pays very well and has good benefits would be very nice. Not only do I want a good pay, but I would also like to enjoy whatever I decide to do. Many people have careers that they do not enjoy. In my future I see myself enjoying my job. I would like to have a long-term career not a short-term job. I think having a good stable career is an important factor when trying to build a life for myself.

A stable job will ensure that I have all the luxuries I want in life without a struggle. A career that I love is one of the most important parts of my future. One career that I would love to see in my future is a business owner.

computer essay future

I would like to own a bridal boutique in a big city. I could see myself having a bridal boutique for the rest of my life. In addition to a college education and a wonderful career, I would like to see a supportive family in my future. To most women, a husband and a few children seem like the perfect family. For me, children are not the key to a perfect family. Every person starts off with a family. As people grow older they decide to expand their families. In my future a see a wonderful and supportive family, but maybe not so expanded.

I can see a nice husband in my future, but this part of my life will come after my college graduation and my successful career. Traveling has always been a passion on mine. After traveling to Europe inI knew from that point on that traveling would definitely be an important part of my future. I would like to go to other places besides Europe, especially places in Asia.The future of technology is unknown for now.

Many have talked about the subject matter. Technology might be leading us to a world of pure happiness and a place we all fantasized about when we were young or is it leading us down the wrong road with no return where we lose ourselves in the process. The great power it has over one can be truly reflected by the way they interact with others and how we rely on the computer for the answers.

However, can we truly say its hurting us as a society? As we find new ways to improve our existence on earth, it slowly creates a world at peace where we can finally learn and improve our mentally. Technology a great and powerful tool can rise chaos within a civilization but can also generalizes us the greater species with wonders to contribute to the world we live in.

Technology is one great and powerful source. It has made many chores or work easier than ever before. As technology evolves, human beings evolve with it.

For the better of ourselves or the destruction of individuality? In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, written in the future where one has no family but everyone is one. With technology at their reach, pain and other emotion humans hate to feel is never felt with usage of one single soma. In the past you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training.

Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, and there you are. Anybody can be virtuous now. You can carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears?

To the point where feeling pain and sadness is no longer felt but neither has it created a utopia or dystopia. In addition to technology changing the way we view things, it is also changing the way we learn. This creates a border line between great sources to help improve further research but also crafted students to expect that all the answers are on the Internet. No one can surely say that technology has ruined or created a peaceful world but it has created a world that surely can achieve either; one being a world of great achievements or just plain mindless beings looking for answers by a single click of a button.

We live our lives as our human selves and secondary selves our life on the internet with no real connect to the outside world but in our computer space at home. But will these machines ultimately connect or conquer us? She surely states that the world has become full of computer talking humans who no longer live lives of our own. Technology can surely ultimately connect us to great contributions to the world and enrich our minds with new found knowledge creating a world defined by a utopia but it can surely conquer us and create chaos within the world and human interaction.

Advancement of man in the modern world has created a world at high levels of questioning and looking for the answer using the technology that has been created over the years.

But technology has also had played its part in the downfall of human beings and how we use it for our needs in everyday life. Many reject the value of technology as it shown that many of us are walking talking computers and needless to say robots controlled by our cell phones and computers. Prior to our cell phones and computers that has lessen our human instincts but have also taken responsibility of creating a world of new ideas and a step closer to having all the answers to impossible questions.

Free essay samples Examples The Future of Technology.Imagine being able to do almost anything right from your own living room. You could order a pizza, watch cartoons, or play video games with people from around the entire world. All are possible today with your computer. The beginnings of the computer started off in a rather unique way. It was first used to produce intricate designs with silk, a task far to long a tedious for a human to do constantly.

Today, computers are completely astounding. The possibilities are endless. Who knows where they will take us in the years ahead.

The computer is the most influential piece of equipment that has ever been invented. The begginings of the computer are actually kind of strange. He created a machine that would calculate logarithms on a system of constant difference and record the results on a metal plate.

The machine was aptly named the Difference Engine. Within ten years, the Analytical Engine was produced. This machine could perform several tasks. These tasks would be givin to the machine and could figure out values of almost any algebraic equation. Soon, a silk weaver wanted to make very intricate designs.

The designs were stored on punch-cards which could be fed into the loom in order to produce the designs requested. This is an odd beginning for the most powerful invention in the world.

Out of his works, he made several good advances in the world of computing. First, he developed the binary coding system.

This was a base two system which allowed computers to read information with either a 1 or a 0. This is the same as an on or and off. The on or off functions could be created through switches.

These switches were utilized with vacuum tubes. The functions could then be relayed as fast as electrons jumping between plates. This was all during the time of the Second World War and further advancements were made in the area of cryptology. Computer advancements were needed in order for the Allied Coding Center in London to decode encrypted Nazi messages. Speed was of the essence, so scientists developed the first fully valve driven computer.

Before this, computers only had a number of valves, none were fully driven by them because of the complexity and difficulty of producing it. Despite the odds, several Cambridge professors accomplished the mammoth task. Once it was built, the computer could decode the encrypted messages in enough time to be of use, and was an important factor in the end of World War II.

The war also provided advancements in the United States as well. The trajectory of artillery shells was a complex process that took alot of time to compute on the field. A new, more powerful computer was in dire need. Even though it was not completed until and was not any help during the war, it provided another launching pad for scientists and inventors of the near future.

The Electronic Discrete Variable Computer was the next in line. A young man named John von Neumann had the original plan for memory. His only problem was where and how could the instructions be stored for later use. Several ideas were pursued, but the one found most effective at the time was magnetic tape. Sets of instructions could be stored on the tapes and could be used to input the information instead of hand feeding the machine every time.

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