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Type diabetes essay conclusion

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood is too high. Glucose comes from the digestion of starchy The average child is diagno Today the average five year old is learning how to ride a bike without their training wheels, but when I was five years old I was learning how to c Diabetes I am going to discuss the chronic disease diabetes and the risk factors associated with this chronic disease.

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No matter the topic you're researching, chances are we have it covered. Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Many of us know someone with diabetes but most of us don't know what the dieses is. Well, diabetes is when your body makes too much or too little insulin. The world is still looking for a cure. Type one diabetes is a condition in which the patient has high blood glucose levels that are caused by an extreme lack of insulin. This is caused when the body's immune system attacks the insulin- producing cells and destroys them.

You need insulin to move the glucose, a sugar found in food, to the cells where they use it as energy. Insulin acts as a key allowing the glucose to get into the "locked door" the cells. This disease is most often found in Caucasians and is diagnosed in young individuals 12 and under. The individual with diabetes usually has a genetic predisposition to get this disease and the disease will continue to be passed on through generations.

The symptoms of type one diabetes include losing weight rapidly, being very tired and hungry, dehydration, and vomiting. This type of diabetes can be treated with insulin shots or by using an insulin pump.

It is monitored by a finger stick glucose test which is done around two to three times a day, and also blood tests, urine tests, foot and skin exams, and eye exams. In addition to insulin, individuals need to exercise and follow a healthy eating plan.

There are many complications to this disease including arteriosclerosis impaired blood circulationstrokes, low blood pressure, bacterial infections of the skin, damage to the kidneys that will lead to kidney failure, fungal infections, damage to nerves, blindness, and many other infections.

Coma or death may also occur. Insulin was discovered in by two young Canadians working in a laboratory. There are more than twenty different kinds of insulin and all must be injected. Insulin shots are very important in preventing a dangerous condition called ketosis.

Ketosis is caused when glucose and acids reach a harmful level in the body. Before January insulin was taken form cows and pigs or manufactured in labs. Beef and pork insulin have been taken off the market in the United States. The insulin created in labs are composed from yeast and bacterias.

Diabetes has been a killer for long enough. The symptoms of severe cases if diabetes were described accurately in the writings of the ancient Egyptians, Indians and Greeks.

It is the sixth cause of death in America. Finding a cure has been no easy task.

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Mary Tyler Moore was right that science is getting close. Researchers have discovered that bone marrow has helped to repair beta cells in mice with diabetes and has also halted the kidney failure as a result from diabetes.An ever-growing epidemic in the United States, Type 2 is typically the result of diet and lifestyle choices and is largely preventable.

But what about the millions in this country living with Type 1? They seem to have been lost in the discussion. Both diseases are a result of problems with insulin, one of the hormones the body uses to regulate blood sugar and derive energy from food.

Very simply put, Type 2 diabetes has to do with insulin resistance. Type 2 can be managed through a combination of diet, exercise and medication before if ever resorting to insulin injections. Type 1 diabetics rely on insulin injections to lower blood sugar. Insulin is not a cure; it simply allows a person with Type 1 to stay alive. The complications of Type 1 diabetes are grave, both short and long term. Administering too much insulin can cause low blood glucose hypoglycemiawhich can lead to seizures, coma and in extreme circumstances, death.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, not enough insulin can cause very high blood glucose which can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis DKAa life-threatening condition in which the blood becomes too acidic. The potential longterm complications are equally terrifying: blindness, kidney failure and limb amputation to name a few. Life with Type 1 is a perpetual and exhausting tightrope act.

The goal is to achieve optimal blood glucose levels without going too high or too low. Lows in particular are a constant struggle for me. After having the disease for over 33 years, Tom has developed a dangerous condition called hypoglycemic unawareness in which he can no longer feel the symptoms shakiness, lightheadedness that serve to warn of a dropping blood sugar.

I worry about everything.

Essay on Diabetes Type 2

I often think about how unfair it is that Type 1 diabetics never get a break from the burden of such complex, unrelenting disease. All this being said, to know Tom is to know the happiest guy on the planet. His absolute refusal to give in to bitterness. Every single day with Tom is filled with adventure and belly laughs.

Yes, Type 1 is always there, looming, but never able to define him. Tom filling up the reservoir of his insulin pump, which he must wear at all times. Tubing connects the pump to an insertion site on his stomach the site needs to be moved around every few days to avoid scar tissue buildup. At the insertion site is a tiny cannula that delivers the insulin directly into his bloodstream.

A healthy pancreas does a remarkable job of monitoring the exact amount of insulin needed to match the glucose that enters the blood. The question of course, is how much insulin. The pump has been a life-changing piece of technology for Tom and so many others; until he was 15 years old he had to administer manual injections to himself. While it makes administering the insulin much easier, Tom must still make the decisions as far as dosing.

Researchers have discovered that genetics play a role; there is an inherited predisposition. They do not, however, know exactly what sets off the immune system causing it to turn against itself and destroy the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Unlike Type 2, Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle and is typically diagnosed during childhood. Keeping my anxiety in check while Tom sleeps can be difficult for me. Is he just sleeping in?Haven't found the right essay?

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Ensure that you have used original content to avoid plagiarism. The aim of this report is to explore and explain the impacts of diabetes as a chronic condition. This report will give detailed analysis and assessment on the prevalence, risk factors and social effects. Diabetes Immune System 1 Page.

There are two main types of diabetes which are type 1 and type 2. Diabetes Disease 2 Pages. Diabetes mellitus prevalence worldwide has showed a pronounced rise during the most recent years. According to reports by the International Diabetes Federation reports as of more than million people were living with diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes 1 Page. Diabetes are treated with insulin but can be treated with the same drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes. Examples of insulins are Humulin, which are short-acting regular insulin and NovoLog, which are rapid-acting insulin aspart.

Meglitinides, these are the most common drugs are Type Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus 1 Page. Diabetes is a number of diseases that involve problems with the hormone insulin.

Normally, the pancreas an organ behind the stomach releases insulin to help your body store and use the sugar and fat from the food you eat. Diabetes can occur when the pancreas Diabetes 3 Pages.

type diabetes essay conclusion

Diabetes is a non-communicable disease, meaning that this health condition cannot be spread through natural human interactions.

Due to this fact, the treatment options available for diabetic patients are not limited to bedrest and a limited dosage of prescribed medications.

Living with diabetes has many Diabetes Disease 4 Pages. This assignment will demonstrate the use of two classes of medication Diabetes Health 3 Pages. Diabetes is found in million people globally and the reason for their diabetes varies between either stress, too much sugar intake or they were born with it. This does not change the fact that their daily lives are different to ours, those who haveStephanie, Good luck Thank you so much for allowing Hallie to share this with us.

My son is 8. I have a feeling we will struggle on and off over the years. I have encouraged him to try a "d" camp and he is not interested yet.

I do think it is so very important to realize some "same-same" in all of this. Love to you and your fam, Reyna. Stephanie, Thank you for that and thank you Hallie for sharing it.

My 10yo daughter is only four months into this D-life but I hope she grows up to have such a wonderful attitude! She will be going to a D-camp this summer and I hope it helps. Thank you for the encouragement! I might just let her read your essay. Stephanie I've been contemplating camp for my 9 yr old who's only been dx for 7 mths, thanks for the encouraging word we will look into it now. She has no one at her school and still doesn't like to test and take shots in front of people.

Thank you for sharing your essay. Jennifer, mom to Sophia. Stephanie, Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. As a parent of a T1 child, I find your insight into this secluded world both interesting and encouraging. My nine year old daughter was diagnosed last May. I think so far she has struggled most with the feeling of being different than her peers.

She has recently begun to feel the sting of exclusion from parties and play dates with the other girls in her class because of ignorance of this disease.Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when the body fails to produce a sufficient amount of insulin or is unable to fully utilize the already produced hormone. A simple sugar known as glucose is the main energy supply for body cells. The body has intricate mechanisms that ensure a steady balance of glucose levels in the bloodstream.

The body usually converts the most digestible carbohydrates into glucose, which is promptly absorbed into the bodys bloodstream.

type diabetes essay conclusion

At the same time, the body can be at high risk of triggering diabetes when there is a malfunction in the pancreas, which are responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels. Moreover, diabetes is directly connected with the quality of diet. This essay aims at proving that patients who are taught about good eating habits do not have a lower risk of developing diabetes as there are immense hurdles impeding success of the initiative. It has been estimated that over 24 million of people living in the USA have so far been diagnosed with diabetes type II Khan, Surprisingly, a quarter of this population is not aware that they have the illness.

The federal government has revealed that a significant portion of the national budget has been utilized in the fight against diabetes, but so far, the efforts have proven to be futile. Besides, it is projected that, if there is little or no aversion regarding the spread of the disease, there is a high probability that the number of diabetics will rise to 48 million in and to million by the year Khan, Following these alarming predictions, the government together with medical institutions have reinforced the ongoing initiatives to educate patients about good eating habits as they claim it is best way to lower the risk for developing diabetes mellitus type II Khan, Nonetheless, nurses and health care providers have subsequently encountered innumerable challenges coupled with designing and implementing various care initiatives.

Apparently, certain people, among whom are diabetic patients, as well as communities and organizations have considerably frustrated this noble effort because of their family, cultural or religious ideologies. The majority of those receiving teachings find it difficult to adopt the proposed remedial dietary measures in their lifestyles.

Surprisingly, some of them would rather spend money on curative measures than alter their lifestyles merely to prevent diabetes mellitus type II. Some cultures and religions also find certain suggestions, such as patterns of eating and drinking, to be inappropriate and disagreeable in their beliefs. The battle against diabetes ought to have been unanimously approached by everyone in the society. While nurses and health care givers perform the role of informing the public about the possible dangers associated with certain eating habits, the general public is expected to cooperate with them by improving their usual diets.

Among the recommended dietary changes necessary for preventing diabetes mellitus type II are: limiting the intake of food rich in carbohydrates, skipping sugary drinks and instead choosing water and stimulants such as tea and coffee, choosing good fatty stuff over the bad one that contains cholesterol, and limiting the intake of red and processed meat.

Instead, people are advised to select fish, poultry, nuts, and whole grain Skyler, Those who also have a habit of smoking are encouraged to quit it. Similarly, everyone should consider having any alcoholic drink in moderate quantities.

In fact, several studies depict that the moderate consumption of alcohol lowers the risk of getting diabetes type II. Concisely, nurses and health care givers have been admonishing people on the significance of keeping fit and leading an active lifestyle.

However, it is rather discouraging how diverse populations with different individual and religious beliefs have failed in their concerted efforts.Type of paper: Research Paper. Any type of paper on any subject custom-written for you by the professionals. The imbalance in the levels of glucose in the blood is a primary cause of type 2 diabetes. Patients with type 2diabetes suffer from insulin resistance thus the sugar levels cannot balance.

type diabetes essay conclusion

The condition causes adverse effects to the body due to the inability of the cells to function properly. The effects include damage to the blood vessel in the eyes, heart and the kidney and atherosclerosis that can eventually lead to stroke or heart attack. Although the majority of cases of patients with type 2 diabetes are active smokers, studies have shown that the condition can also be present in passive smokers. If the condition is not well maintained, the number of patients is expected to increase to million in less than two decades.

The condition develops slowly over time, and the smokers may not even realize that they are ill until they fall ill. This paper is thus aimed at evaluating the possible features of smokers with type 2 diabetes. The results and methodology of the research that was carried out from to are explained. The research involved a sample size of smokers above the age of 18 years who had type 2 diabetes.

The program lasted from to The medication used in the cessation programs included nicotine lozenges, gums, and inhalers. Prior to the program, secondary data had been collected, and it was used as a benchmark to analyze the characteristics of the patients.

Life with Type 1 — A Photo Essay

The research used questions regarding co-morbidities, smoking history and demographics that were developed back in by original researchers. The questionnaire developed by the previous researchers was used in the primary data collection methods. A six-item test on the FTND was designed to determine the level of dependence on nicotine by the smokers. The scores ranged from 0 to 10 where a high score indicated higher dependence level.

The level of carbon monoxide in the smokers was measured using the Bedfont hand-held meter. This was done before the program, after 30 days and finally after 6 months. Further, it also included the analysis of co-morbid conditions, use of cessation medicines, quit rates, and triggers for past relapses.

Data was analyzed using the SAS Version 9. The analysis used the descriptive statistics, dispersion and measures of central tendency. Standard variations and means of the data were also used. The relationship between the dependent variables was analyzed using the logistic regression while the independent variables used Wald Chi-square. All the smokers went through the program successfully. The respondents who reported ethnicity as the major cause of smoking, Body weight is one of the observable features that may indicate symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

The sudden loss or gain of weight should be a warning sign of type 2 diabetes among smokers. Smokers who are obese have a reason to get tested for the condition.Type 2 Diabetes They are two types of diabetes throughout the world but the second leading cause of death type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes can come from your family background, lack of exercise, overweight, and Agent Orange exposure. The reason for this topic is that people need to understand what can cause diabetes, and how it deeply influences people around people with diabetes. Family can be one cause for a person to have diabetes but a family member could become diabetic from serving in the military. Reducing Type II Diabetes within our African American Community According to Healthy Peoplediabetes affects over 29 million people in the United States, with another estimated 28 percent of the population having undiagnosed cases.

Of those at risk, African Americans are almost 2 times more likely to be diagnosed as opposed to their Caucasian counterparts.

Many preventable associated factors include limited knowledge regarding disease processes, healthy diet, and limited knowledge of. Depending on the cause of the insulin shortage, diabetes can be subcategorized into type I and type II. Type I diabetes T1DM is usually mediated by the destruction of b-cells in the pancreas resulting in decreased insulin production and secretion.

States 9. Diabetes describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body 's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Diabetes can be divided into two groups: Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

type diabetes essay conclusion

Type 1 diabetes is also referred to as juvenile diabetes and is usually found in. It is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease that causes the body to become insulin. Children and Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM has been reported with increased frequency over the last twenty years in adolescents and children in the United States. As a result of T2DM glucose metabolism within the body of affected adolescents and children is severely compromised.

Insulin resistance syndrome also called as Syndrome X is caused by a. Q3 - Does Obesity cause diabetes? What is diabetes? Diabetes is several diseases that are characterized by high levels of glucose that are the results of the insulin action or production. Essay on Diabetes Type 2 Words 3 Pages. Diabetes Type 2 1. Diabetes is considered a life style disease because it is not something you were born with it is something you bring upon yourself, stress, don't enough exercise, eating too much of the wrong foods, pregnancy or family history cause this particular disease.

Type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes. It effects the respiratory system In Type 2 diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells neglect the insulin. Insulin is needed for the body to be able to use sugar. Sugar is the primary fuel for the cells in the body, and the insulin takes the sugar from the blood and into the cells. When glucose builds …show more content… If you have a family history of diabetes, don't exercise on a regular basis.

Diabetes can strike anyone at any time during their life - from newborn babies through to the very elderly. There are nearly 1 million Australians with diabetes.

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